Buzz Power: The Original Organic Honey Sports Fuel

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Box of 3 sachets - £5.95 (see below for more pricing options)

The natural alternative to energy gels

Each 30g sachet contains a generous 24g of naturally-balanced carbohydrate, with additional essential electrolytes tailored to replace minerals lost through perspiration.

  • Certified organic, raw organic honey
  • No artificial chemical additives
  • 100% free from processed sugars
  • Gut friendly
  • Caffeine free 
  • Low GI
  • Suitable for diabetics and IBS sufferers

Why Buzz Power?
Are you wondering what all the buzz is about the Buzz? You are in the right place to find out!

Buzz Power is the first natural alternative to energy gels that is made from 98% raw organic honey. We are not a flavoured gel, nor do we add token amounts of mass-produced honey, which has mostly likely been boiled and sterilised.

Buzz Power contains 98% raw organic honey, which has been sustainably sourced from organic bee farmers who share our ethical and environmentally-minded values.

Raw honey is an incredible source of natural carbohydrate – approximately 50-50 fructose and glucose (glucose provides an instant energy release, whereas fructose is a source of more sustained energy).

Then, we add performance electrolytes, developed with sports nutritionists, to help you replace minerals lost through excess sweating.

Buzz Power testimonialBuzz Power testimonial
Buzz Power press reviews

Benefits of raw honey for sports
The honey used in Buzz Power retains the incredible benefits of raw, organic honey. As our honey is unpasteurised (ie: it hasn’t been boiled and sterilised like the majority of honey you find in the supermarkets), it contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and even anti-microbial properties.

Not only is it actively good for your gut, honey is much easier for the body to ‘stomach’ as the enzymes in this golden liquid stabilise the fructose and glucose and stop it being turned into sucrose, which can be harsh on the stomach, and cause the bloating and, ahem, ‘upset’ that conventional gels sometimes leave us with.

How to use Buzz Power

The benefits of honey for endurance athletes
In a series of blind trials carried out by the University of Memphis Sport and Nutrition Laboratory, and presented to the American College of Sports Medicine, it was found that honey is an effective source of energy as any commercial energy gel, and had other striking benefits.

The trial found that honey, when given to competitive cyclists at 10 mile intervals of a simulated 40 mile race, significantly increased power and speed over the placebo and equalled the performance of glucose (the carb which makes up the bulk of most conventional energy gels).

The research paper said, “This study shows that honey is an effective carbohydrate for endurance athletes. “Our first study suggested honey could operate as a ‘time released’ muscle fuel for exercising muscles. Our second experiment suggest that honey would be a good carbohydrate source to replenish muscles. However, our last study convinced us that honey can improve endurance exercise capacity,” concluded the authors.

The research was sponsored by the American National Honey Board, however, the results demonstrate the honey is an effective, safe and healthy source of energy for runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes. 

Is honey good for diabetic athletes?
The trial also proved that honey only produces mild increases in blood sugar and insulin and is an effective energy source that does not result in hypoglycaemia.

Buzz Power testimonial

Benefits of raw honey for health
Raw unpasturised honey has been used as tonic and medicine for millennia. It is an incredible remedy for burns, grazes, and scrapes (if you take a tumble on your trail run or MTB run, spread some Buzz Power on your injury and bandage, until you can clean it properly), not to mention sore throats and even stomach ulcers.

This is because honey contains hydrogen peroxide. Yep, you heard that right. Honey is a healthy (and safe) source of one of the most powerful antiseptics known to science and nature.

Buzz Power - the natural alternative to energy gels

What is “raw honey”?
Raw honey is honey that has been taken straight from the honeycomb. It might be filtered to remove particles and often has a more cloudy appearance. Raw honey also contains small amounts of pollen.

Regular commercial honey is regularly pasteurized, which gives the honey a clearer appearance, but also kills off many of the actively beneficial trace elements. The ultrafiltration process also removes enzymes and antioxidants. If you buy commercial honey, check the label to ensure it doesn’t include sweeteners like corn syrup.

The best way to guarantee a good source of honey is to look for certified organic honey products, like Buzz Power. Or buy honey from a local supplier at your local market.

While Buzz Power is ideal for lots of family activities, like camping or walking, please don't give it, or any raw honey, to babies under the age of 12 months.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
colin moss
Superb product

Liked so much I have put some money towards your crowdfunding

Ludo Thomas
Amazing running fuel

First time and not the last. Great taste and effective mid run fuel. Would recommend.

Patrick Spatchett
Excellent energy

The best energy gel I have tried. No bad stomach.
The only product I will use from now on. Highly recommended

Gary Hall
Tasty and it works!!

Thought I would give these a go having read some reviews and also having some trouble with my current gels, and with a 300km ride in 5 weeks time I needed to try something different, I was sceptical that they maybe too sweet but they are not, just the right consistency when on the move, super tasty, and didn’t upset my stomach at all, gave me enough energy on my 100km training rides, will be ordering more for my up and coming event!!

Riki Spencer
Buzz power 5 star

Fantastic product, run a half marathon Saturday 07/05 buzz power really kept me going the last 3 miles.
Tastes great no bad after affects and all natural product 5 star rating from me. Buzz power will
Be my go to product from now on, as I’m training for London marathon

Hi Riki - thanks so much for your review! We are so happy you enjoy using Buzz Power for your marathon training and other runs!