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40km endurance speed ride fuel plan

Cyclist Paulina Lewandowska shares her fuel plan for a typical 40km bike ride. Spoiler: it contains a lot of honey!

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What our customers say about buzz Power

These are awesome. They taste great and the fact they're totally natural too is a massive plus. I'm genuinely less hungry than I would normally be after a hard evening ride home, so they clearly provide a great dose of carbs. 100% switching to Buzz Power.

Chris, Cyclist

I took one sachet of Buzz Power on my two hour run. I saved it for the top of a long climb, which was about an hour into the run. I prefer the consistency compared to a gel - it’s firmer, less gloopy, so no sticky fingers. It doesn’t all spill out of the sachet at once either, so you could have just a bit of it at a time if you needed to. I love honey anyway, the flavour of this one is nice - not too sweet.

Michelle, Ultra Runner

No lingering after-taste, no nasty residue. A pick-me-up that actually made me feel smiley! Definitely including as part of my endurance kit.

Lisa, Sudbury

Tastes great. Sat well on the stomach. Great energy during trial run. Will use this during my ultra and recommend to my running community!


I've tried loads of gels and nothing, I mean nothing, compares to this. Liquid gold!

Nadia, Barnsley

I have to say this product is out of this world! Delicious, natural and more-ish. Not something I ever thought I would say about an energy gel!

George, Northumberland

Just ran 21 miles and used Buzz Power at 8 mile mark, and then from a 2nd and 3rd gel as I needed it. I suffer from IBS and had no stomach issues at all. Fantastic energy boost and all natural - love it.

Paulie, Greater London

It’s an energy gel for people who don’t like energy gels.

Andy, Suffolk

Tastes amazing and no sickly aftertaste. It's easier to digest than regular honey and gives me the same energy as banana and dates.

JC, Dorset

F-f-freezing but Buzz Power got me through a half trail this morning. Love this energy gel. Feels a lot of nicer on my body than my normal ones.

Tom, Surrey

Gels have never agreed with me but I’m pleased to say Buzz Power provided zero complications (we all know what I’m talking about) and tasted really delicious. Whoop!

RAR, Surrey

I tried Buzz Power yesterday on my 10 mile run. Wow I could have run forever!

Jen, Liverpool