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by Flo Rooke October 29, 2020

Honey is a blend of natural sugars (80%), water (18%), and minerals, vitamins, pollen and protein (2%). Around 70% of honey's sugar content is made up of fructose and glucose, which is beneficial for short- and longer-term energy release.

Other health benefits of honey

Honey is well known for its antiseptic properties and antioxidant-boosting power, actively protecting the body from infections.


As a sugar source, honey is incredibly easy on the stomach and is said to be a powerful remedy of acid refulx and stomach ulcers. It’s also a prebiotic, which means it nourishes the good bacteria that lives in the intestines.

Sore throats

If you have a less than race-ready sore throat, suck down a sachet of Buzz Power. Alternatively, mix one sachet with four tablespoons of cider vinegar and some salt, and gargle. 

Hay fever

Honey is widely known as an effective remedy against the effects of hay fever. The trace pollen in honey acts like an inoculation, which is said to lessen symptons. If you love getting out into the great outdoors, don’t be put off by red eyes and wheezing. Get prepared and take a daily sachet of Buzz Power (as well as being an instant energy boost for race days, you can also squeeze Buzz Power on yoghurt, porridge, toast - anything! - as part of your pre-race preparation) through the sneezing season. 

Cuts, burns & grazes

If you fall off your bike, or take a tumble while running, you can use honey as an antiseptic salve to stop bleeding and reduce infection in dirty grazes (until you can clean it properly).

Keep away from small children

As Buzz Power is made from untreated, pure honey, please ensure you don’t give Buzz Power to children under 12-months old. If you are experiencing symptoms of stomach issues, sore throats or other ailments, it’s best you speak to your doctor.

Flo Rooke
Flo Rooke


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