The natural alternative to energy gels - Buzz Power

by Flo Rooke October 29, 2020

Say no to maltodextrin.

The natural alternative

Buzz Power is 100% maltodextrin free. It is made from pure honey, which studies have shown to be a highly effective energy source, providing a more sustained energy boost.

  • Kind to your stomach

  • Fast mouth to muscle time

  • No sloppy liquid

  • No artificial flavours

  • Vegetarian friendly


Buzz Power is not an energy ‘gel’ - the consistency of Buzz Power is more like a paste, which makes it convenient to ingest on the run, but just as easily absorbed into the muscles.

The perfect sports supplement

Studies show* honey is one of the most effective sources of energy – delivering a natural performance boost with none of the artificial preservatives, colouring or sweeteners found in conventional energy gels.

*University of Memphis Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory, 2001

Flo Rooke
Flo Rooke


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